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I am officially fed up with my Lincoln. After spending nearly $5,000 on repairs on a vehicle I bought brand new, I have decided that people should know Never Buy A Lincoln!

After only a few days from getting my Lincoln back from the having the ignition coil assembly replaced, I find the "Low Washer Fluid Level" message lighting up on my dashboard.

Checking the fluid level I find there is plenty of windshield washer liquid. This means yet another return visit to have something else repaired on my Lincoln, but what it really means is that I am fed up this vehicle.

The fluid level warning has been the straw the broke the camels back. I am fed up with how much I have had to put out of pocket, on multiple repairs, on a vehicle which I am the original owner.

Please read this website before making any auto purchase, and Never Buy A Lincoln.
Throughout this website I have tried to keep only to the facts and not muddle it with the personal distaste for the repair experience I have had. But although this website contains only facts, they are facts of convenience.

However the facts remain that Witt Lincoln Mercury couldn't find the problem with the transmission the first and second time they inspected it, and they refused to inspect it a third time even though the transmission problem still existed.

I can only speculate why they refused to inspect the vehicle a final time. Did they deliberately try to stall repairing the transmission until the warranty expired? Did they do this to squirm out of the Lemon Law or were they simply incompetent in finding the problem?

Let's get to the heart of the matter. I don't care that my car broke. Cars break. Deal with it. Ford sold me a lemon and sometimes that kind of thing happens. I don't care about the money it cost to repair it either. I have a job and can afford when things go wrong.

I do however, have an issue with customer abandonment. I have an issue with customer abandonment on a $41,700 purchase when the problem was brought the attention of the dealership at a time when the warranty should have covered the problem. I have an issue with any dealership that can't just pony up and admit that they fucked up and couldn't find the problem while the vehicle was under warranty leaving me to pay for it once the warranty expired.

This is why I built this website. No company, however large or small, should have customer abandonment as part of their business plan.

Ford sold me a lemon and I want a replacement vehicle.

Regardless of promises you may read on any auto advertisement, remember that I have had to incur more than $5000 in repairs to my Lincoln at a mere 42,000 miles, and remember that this could happen to you. Neither Witt Lincoln Mercury located at 728 N. Escondido Blvd in Escondido, nor Ford Motor Company offered to cover the cost of the mechanical failures, and there is nothing to suggest you would be treated any differently.

To date people have seen this website.

As long as this website stands, you will know that Ford has not redeemed itself and taken care of one of their very important customers - and every customer is important.

Until Ford Motor Company or Witt Lincoln Mercury takes care of this issue, I encourage you to Never Buy A Lincoln.

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